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Natural, Propane Gas & Sewer Gas Leaks

Meter locked out by Atmos? We partner with Waco and all surrounding cities to permit, test, and repair your gas system so that your gas service can be released by Atmos and restored.

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Do You Have a Gas Leak or Foul Odor in Your Home? You May Need a Gas Line Repair!

Natural and propane gas is very common in homes and businesses around Texas. It is very important that you have your natural gas lines tested to make sure they are functioning properly. Gas line leaks can be incredibly dangerous for a few reasons. One leak can cause carbon monoxide poisoning or worse an explosion.

Our company can also install new gas lines; this includes replacing entire old gas systems and also installing new gas lines at a property that has never had gas service before. If your home is currently all electric, but you’d love to have a gas range? Would you love to install gas logs in your fireplace that is currently woodburning? We can easily make those things, and so many more, happen for you!

  • Gas pressure testing of full property systems, as well as isolated lines/fixtures.
  • Gas leak location and repair.
  • Re-piping of gas systems.
  • Installation of new gas systems.
  • New meter and gas service to properties that were previously all electric.
  • Running a single gas line to a gas range/stove, water heater, fireplace, outdoor kitchen, or other desired gas fixture.

Sewer Gas Leak Detection, Location & Repair

We offer gas leak detection services in Waco and surrounding areas. Gas leak repair is not something you can wait on. A licensed plumber is required to handle repairs that could affect your family’s health. It is important that natural gas, propane gas and sewer gas leak detection, line replacement, or new gas line installations are done by a qualified, professional plumber.

Sewer Gas & Smoke Testing

Methane gas is a poisonous gas that is produced in sewer systems as a product of human waste. Methane gas is more commonly referred to as sewer gas. When sewer gas escapes from your drain system, it not only smells horrible, but it is also highly toxic to both animals and humans. If you smell a foul odor in your home and cannot figure out where it is coming from, it is highly likely that you are experiencing a sewer gas leak. We use smoke testing to determine the location of the leak so it can be repaired, keeping your family and pets safe.

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Do you smell gas in your home? Has Atmos contacted you and informed you of an active gas leak at your home? When Atmos determines that you have a gas leak, they lock your gas meter out until a licensed plumber locates and repairs the leak. They also require that the gas leak repair be permitted and inspected by the City Inspector before they will restore gas service to your home. We are experts at walking you through all of the steps required to get gas service restored to your home; let us simplify the process for you!

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A natural, propane or sewer gas leak can be dangerous and needs to be resolved quickly. Contact us today and we’ll make sure your gas leak issues are resolved quickly and safely.