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We Specialize in Locating & Repairing Water Leaks to Prevent Damage to Your Home or Business

Water line leak detection has become a plumbing service that is valued because it has the potential to save homeowners huge amounts of money and property damage.

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Our Water Leak Detection & Prevention Services

A water leak that goes undetected can result in dangerous mold growth, rotted wood and standing water that could attract bacteria and other organisms. Finding the leak and repairing it at the source will minimize the damage to your home or business.

Fortunately for homeowners and businesses in the Waco Area, we are here to offer reliable water leak detection and pipe repair.

Just give us a call, and we’ll send someone out to your home or business to assess and solve the problem.

It’s Important to Assess a Water Leak or Plumbing Situation in a Timely Manner

Our plumbers specialize in leak detection using modern diagnostic equipment and are trained to find even the most challenging water leaks. Professional, experienced service means your leak will be found and repaired, and any other issues with the water line will be addressed.

Water Pressure Testing

If your water pressure is too high, this can lead to stress on the pipes. Once this occurs, pipes can crack, leak, or even burst and leave you with a flooded home.
If pressure testing fails, we then pinpoint the exact location of the leak, and repair it.

Drain Leak Detection

Hydrostatic testing is a method our plumbers use to test drain pipes and home or office drain lines for strength and leaks. If failed, we will pinpoint the exact location of the leak, and repair it!

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Water Leaks Are a Serious Concern

Do you notice your water bill growing larger? Do you hear water running when you’re sure all the taps or faucets are off? You may have a hidden water leak somewhere in your home that can cause serious damage and pose health hazards. If left untreated, leaks can cause foundational damage, promote mildew growth, and more.

Signs of Trouble:

  • Curling vinyl flooring or loose tiles
  • Peeling paint or flaking, chalky-looking wood finish
  • Water stains on the ceiling or joists below.
  • Persistent mold.
  • If the shower is against an exterior wall, you may find an area of peeling paint outside.
  • Water seeping out around the base of the toilet.
  • Loose or damaged flooring.
  • A loose faucet base.
  • Deteriorating caulk around a sink.

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